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Insured: How to respond to a dispute (landlords & agents)

A screen-by-screen guide to responding to a dispute.

Letterbox magazine - Issue 4

Our Letterbox Magazine, launched in Autumn 2016, brings news and guidance to our members on all-things tenancy deposits.

How TDS Northern Ireland approaches disputes involving damage

Here are some key principles in disputes over damage and missing items. 

Unwelcome 'visitors'

This case looks at a moth infestation and whether outgoing tenants could be held responsible.

Insured: How to raise a dispute (tenants)

A screen-by-screen guide to raising a dispute.

How TDS Northern Ireland approaches disputes involving redecoration

Here are some key principles to consider when presenting a case involving redecoration, including the best evidence to provide and how the adjudicator makes their decision. 

Deposit deductions template

We recommend that this document is used when a landlord wishes to make a deduction from the deposit at the end of the tenancy.  It is designed to allow for the transparent exchange of information between the parties and to...

TDSNI Scheme Rules (May 2018)

Fourth edition of our scheme rules, effective to all participants from May 2018.

"Sorry, I need to leave early..."

This dispute involved a tenant who wished to be released early from a 12 month tenancy which contained no break clause.

How to present your case to the TDS Northern Ireland adjudicator

This is a detailed guide on how best to present your tenancy deposit dispute.

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