Welcome to TDS Northern Ireland

We are an award-winning Belfast based service, protecting deposits on private tenancies and resolving disputes over their return.

We are a not-for-profit company authorised by the Department for Communities to operate custodial and insurance based tenancy deposit protection schemes in Northern Ireland.

Is my deposit protected?

Search our database to find out if your deposit is protected with usDeposit protection

Is my deposit protected?

Need your deposit back?

If your deposit is with the custodial scheme log in to your account to request repayment. If your deposit is protected with the insured scheme please contact your agent/landlord to request repayment or log in if you need to tell us about a dispute.


Do you have a dispute?

Dispute ResolvedOur 'Tools and Guides' include real life dispute case studies. Find out how we decide disputes, including advice on presenting your case in the 'Adjudication Digest'.

Adjudication Digest