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Can I take a deposit that isn't money?

No. Under Article 5B (7) of the 2006 Private Tenancies Order, a landlord may only require a deposit in money. 

When did deposit protection begin?

1 April 2013. Any deposits taken on or after that date must be protected.

How to submit evidence (Custodial dispute)

Step-by-step guide on how to use the evidence portal.

I took a deposit before 1 April 2013 and the tenancy has since renewed. Do I need to protect?

If you entered into a new fixed term agreement with your tenants after 1 April 2013, yes. As a new agreement it is considered a new deposit. It must be protected within 14 days of the agreement being entered in to. 

Does deposit protection end automatically?

Insured:   Yes. If you do not inform us otherwise, we will assume the tenancy has ended on the expected end date given when you protected the deposit, and protection will end. If the tenancy is going to renew or continue...

What should I do if the tenancy becomes periodic?

In the insured scheme, if it continues as a statutory periodic tenancy with no material changes to the agreement (such as rent or tenants) please login before the end of the fixed term and mark the 'tenancy outcome' as periodic....

What if the tenancy renews with a new fixed term?

If protected with the insured scheme, you need to protect the deposit afresh. In the 'tenancy outcome' section select 'renew' and you will be able to protect the deposit again. 
No action is needed if the deposit is protected with...

How do I protect a tenancy deposit?

To start you need to become a member of TDS Northern Ireland. You can do this online and there is no joining fee.
There are two ways to protect, custodial and insured. 
Insured:  You hold the deposit

Which deposits must be protected?

Any deposit on a private tenancy received on or after 1 April 2013 must be protected in a government approved scheme.

Who is responsible for protecting the deposit?

The legal responsibility is with the landlord to protect the deposit. 

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