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Image saying Landlord Best Practices for Utility BillsLandlord Best Practices for Utility Bills

| 1 September 2023

At the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, we’re committed to helping you to have a happy, successful tenancy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions on everything to do with utility bills.

#AskTDS: My tenant wants to keep a pet, what are my options?#AskTDS: My tenant wants to keep a pet, what are my options?

| 8 August 2022

In this week’s #ASKTDS, we were approached with a question about a perpetually burning topic: Pets! Where a tenant who has been renting without a pet asked whether they can introduce one to the property?

#AskTDS: How does TDS deal with rent arrears disputes?#AskTDS: How does TDS deal with rent arrears disputes?

| 16 May 2022

In this week’s ASK TDSNINI, a tenant asks how TDSNI deals with rent arrears?

Private Tenancies Act Northern Ireland Make Changes to Notice to QuitPrivate Tenancies Act Northern Ireland Make Changes to Notice to Quit

| 12 May 2022

The Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 received Royal Assent on 27th April 2022 and makes changes to the Private Tenancies Order (Northern Ireland) 2006.

Renting to Students: TDS Poll Confirms Common Issues and Reasons for Disputes in Student Lets?

| 27 June 2022

A recent poll by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) asked agents and landlords about their experiences when renting to students.

The TDS poll discovered common disagreements, the top causes of dispute, and whether their experiences have encouraged or deterred them from renting to students in the future.

AskTDS: It's springtime and I'd like to perform a mid-tenancy property inspection, how do I begin?

| 4 April 2022

Spring is in the air and it's time to open up your windows and clear away the winter cobwebs.

#ExpertView: Call for Clarification on Cladding

| 28 January 2022

Following the announcement that leaseholders will not have to pay to fix unsafe cladding in medium rise buildings, NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle has called for Government assurances that landlords will be eligible for support.

#ExpertView: Reflecting on the past as we prepare for the future

| 15 December 2021

NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle on the changes ahead as we enter 2022.

Winter is coming: Getting the house ready for the colder months (including winter checklist)

| 25 November 2021

With winter just upon us, it’s important for landlords, agents and renters to prepare their properties for the harsh weather to come.

#ExpertView: ‘Perfect storm’ as benefits cut and furlough ends

| 18 October 2021

NRLA Chief Executive Ben Beadle warns of debt crisis for landlords and tenants