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How to present your case to the TDS Northern Ireland adjudicator

This is a detailed guide on how best to present your tenancy deposit dispute.

Penalties for failing to comply with tenancy deposit protection regulations

It is a legal requirement for tenancy deposits held against private tenancies to be protected in a government approved scheme. These are the penalties faced by landlords for failing to comply. 

Winter blues

This case looks at damage caused by burst pipes over the Christmas period when the tenant was absent from the property. 

Warning! Smoking can damage your property

Can tenants smoke in their properties?  This dispute looks at charges from the deposit for the cleaning and damage caused by smoking. 

Check-in & Check-out Reports, Inventories & Schedules of Condition Guide

What TDS looks for in check in and check out reports, inventories, and schedules of condition.

Who is responsible for mould?

Is the tenant responsible for mould? It can be a combination of property and lifestyle; this case looks at whether mould growth was caused by the tenant's use of the property or defects in ventilation and heating. 

Guidance to using deposit deductions template

A guide to using the TDSNI deposit deductions template.

TDS Northern Ireland complaints procedure (September 2017)

Please read this guide if you are unhappy with the service you have received at TDS Northern Ireland or with the decision of one of our adjudicators.

Product lifespans guide

A guide to product lifespans considered during adjudication.

Adjudication Digest July 2018 Rent

This case looks at an example of a tenancy agreement clause undermining rather than supporting a rent arrears claim.

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