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Who is responsible for protecting the deposit?

The legal responsibility is with the landlord to protect the deposit. 

How does TDS Northern Ireland actually protect deposits?

Insured protection:  The landlord or agent holds the deposit and we have insurance covering it. If the landlord or agent fails to pay money that they owe, we can refund the tenant and claim it from our insurance. We pursue...

What do I need to do when I receive a tenancy deposit?

Within 14 days of receipt you must register the deposit in an approved scheme such as TDS Northern Ireland. Within 28 days of receipt you must provide the tenant with details of the protection, called prescribed information. 

What is prescribed information?

It is written details of the deposit protection, including an information leaflet from the scheme, which must be given to the tenant within 28 days of the landlord or agent receiving the deposit. 
When protecting online, a form with prescribed...

Can I protect by post?

Protecting online is the quickest and easiest way to protect. 
If this is not possible please contact us directly and we can assist with paper forms. Please note that this will delay the time it takes to protect so...

What permissions do different kinds of user have in a letting agent account?

If you are a letting agent you can perform different tasks in your company's account depending on your user profile.
Here is a table of the different the different user profiles and the tasks they can perform. 

"But the landlord didn't get the work done..."

In this dispute the tenant objected to deductions because the landlord either did the work himself or did no work at all with the deposit money. 

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