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#ExpertView: Customer service levels in the adjudication process

| 21 January 2020

In this week’s #ExpertView blog, Michael Hill, Executive Assistant and Adjudicator at Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), outlines the customer service provided by TDS throughout the adjudication process.

#AskTDS: What constitutes as “clean”?

| 4 April 2019

In this week’s #AskTDS, we answer the question ‘What constitutes as “clean”?’

#ExpertView: TDS appoints an Independent Complaints Reviewer

| 26 March 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, Michael Morgan, Director of Dispute Resolution at TDS, discusses the appointment of Margaret Doyle as Independent Complaints Reviewer.

#ExpertView: RSPCA: “Why landlords should allow tenants with pets”

| 19 March 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, The RSPCA tells us why it believes landlords should allow tenants with pets and what the incoming Deposit Cap could mean for pet deposits.

#ExpertView: Money Shield receives government backing

| 12 March 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, TDS’ Chief Executive Officer, Steve Harriott, discusses Money Shield – a new, government-backed CMP scheme.

#ExpertView: How the upcoming CMP legislation will affect TDS membership

| 5 March 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, Steve Harriott, CEO of TDS, discusses the upcoming CMP legislation and how it will affect TDS membership.

#ExpertView: Looking ahead to the 2019 ARLA Propertymark Northern Ireland Conference

| 5 February 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, Eamonn Hunt, Operations Manager at Tenancy Deposit Scheme Northern Ireland (TDSNI) looks ahead to the annual ARLA Propertymark Conference in Northern Ireland.

#ExpertView: Claiming for antique items

| 29 January 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, TDSNI’s Operations Manager, Eamonn Hunt, discusses best practice when antique or sentimentally valuable items are damaged.

#ExpertView: Why customer service is important to TDS

| 28 January 2019

At TDS, we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service to our members, regardless of which TDS scheme they chose to use (TDS offers both Insured and Custodial deposit protection schemes) or what method they’re using to contact us.

#ExpertView: How TDS is helping to reduce deposit disputes

| 22 January 2019

The overwhelming majority of tenancies end amicably, but sometimes disputes do happen. In this week’s #ExpertView, TDS Adjudicator Michael Hill explains how TDS is working to prevent disputes.

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