Is my deposit protected?

You can find your Deposit Account Number (DAN) on your deposit protection certificate or any other TDS Northern Ireland correspondence. If you don't have this number please;

  • contact your agent/landlord or;
  • enter your tenancy agreement details below.
Deposit ID or DAN
The Deposit Account Number (DAN) is on your certificate and any other communications about your deposit.

It is in the format 'DAN012345'.

Please enter in the text you see below...

Tenancy Agreement information
Please enter the tenancy start date as stated in the tenancy agreement. To enter the date automatically, click on the calendar symbol to the right of the box, and select the correct date.This is the start date as per the tenancy agreement. It may be different to the date that you moved into the property.
This should be the deposit amount stated in the tenancy agreement.
Enter the postcode of the property as stated in the tenancy agreement.
Enter the surname of one of the tenants listed in the tenancy agreement.