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Which tenancy deposits must be protected?

Any deposit on a private tenancy received on or after 1 April 2013 must be protected in a government approved scheme.

What are the laws governing tenancy deposit protection?

Tenancy deposit protection is governed by the Tenancy Deposit Schemes Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012. You can download a PDF of the regulations here.

What if the agent or landlord doesn't respond to the repayment request? (Custodial scheme only)

When protected with the custodial scheme, the agent/landlord has 30 working days to respond to a repayment request made by the tenant. If there is no response within 30 working days we will release the deposit to the tenant(s) in full. 

How do I request my deposit back?

 Tenants (Custodial scheme)
Are you a tenant looking to make a repayment request? We have put together a comprehensive instruction guide of the repayment process, with a walk-through of each screen, and what and where to click when logged in...

Who should protect my deposit?

Your agent or landlord should protect your deposit. The legal responsibility is with the landlord, but if you are using an agent, the agent will normally do it on the landlord's behalf. 

How does TDS Northern Ireland protect my deposit?

Insured protection:  The agent or landlord holds the deposit and we have insurance covering it. If the agent or landlord fails to pay money that they owe, we can refund the tenant and claim it from our insurance. We pursue them...

Is my deposit protected by TDS Northern Ireland?

Visit the 'Is my deposit protected?' page and enter the Deposit Account Number (DAN) shown on your Deposit Protection Certificate. 
You should have received documents about your deposit protection at the start of the tenancy, called Prescribed Information. If you...

What are the penalties for violating deposit protection law?

The District Council can impose a fixed penalty of up to three times the value of the deposit. 
If the case goes to court the landlord can be fined up to £20,000 by the Magistrates Court. The landlord cannot...

Who is responsible for protecting the deposit?

The legal responsibility to protect is with the landlord.

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