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Tread Carefully - January 2020

In this month’s issue of the Adjudication Digest, TDS considers a case where the landlord claimed £1,750.00 for the cost of carpeting wooden floors in the property.

Case Study: Early Resolution

Discover our June Adjudication Digest.

The Adjudicator: When a tenant leaves early

The Adjudicator takes a recent decision by a TDS Adjudicator and sets out the reasoning behind the decision. In The Adjudicator this month we discuss: 'When a tenant leaves early'.

The Adjudicator: Irreparable Damages

In this case, the landlord claimed for a replacement kitchen sink including the fitting charge. The landlord said that the sink had cracked during the tenancy and therefore a replacement was required at the tenant’s expense.

The Adjudicator: Pet Permissions

This edition of the adjudicator focuses on whether a tenant had caused damage to a property by keeping a cat. The tenant agreed that they did not have permission to keep the cat but argued that there was no damage...

The Adjudicator: Growing Evidence for a Mould Dispute Claim

In this particular case, the letting agent initiated a dispute claim for £700 on behalf of the landlord.

Is my deposit protected?

To find out if your deposit is protected please login your TDS Northern Ireland account here: Login.
Alternatively, refer to the documents given you by your landlord or agent at the start of your tenancy. You should have received  Prescribed...

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