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#AskTDS: Can I send the Prescribed Information to my Tenants Earlier or Later than 28 days?

In this week's #ASKTDS, we're presented with a question regarding the rules of serving Prescribed Information (PI). Can the PI be sent earlier or later than 28 days? And if it is, what does that mean for the agent or landlord?

If you're new to the PRS, it's helpful to know precisely what Prescribed Information is

Prescribed Information is a specific set of information you are legally obliged to provide your tenants, explaining where and how your tenant's deposit has been protected, as well as what will happen to it when your tenant leaves. It can be a separate document, or included within the tenancy agreement.

Can serving PI early or late affect my rights?

In Northern Ireland, in addition to the tenancy deposit being protected within 14 days of receipt, landlords or agents must also:

1. Provide a Rent Book

2. Provide a valid EPC certificate when applicable.

3. Provide up to date gas and electrical safety certificates as needed; and finally,

4. Provide certain information relating to the deposit (the Prescribed Information)

TDS Northern Ireland will provide you with a copy of the pre-populated Prescribed Information and the scheme leaflet when the deposit registration has been confirmed. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the tenants receive it.

The time-critical checklist above needs to be followed when dealing with tenancy deposits, and the deadlines are in place to keep you legally compliant. Sending this too late, could mean unfortunate consequences for agents and landlords who can receive a penalty up to 3 times the value of the deposit.

What happens if I serve the PI incorrectly?

Suppose the Prescribed Information is not served within those 28 days of the receipt of the deposit, or there is no evidence that it has been served. In that case, a landlord or agent should serve their tenant with a copy of this certificate to rectify the mistake.

TDSNI Guides and Templates for Prescribed Information

TDSNI has made the Prescribed Information process simple. Download the pre-populated template and scheme leaflet from our Prescribed Information resources, for both TDSNI Custodial, and TDSNI Insured.

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