Using the custodial scheme

With our custodial scheme, you pay the deposit to us and we protect the money for free.

All landlords and letting agents are able to use the custodial scheme. 


1. Join TDS Northern Ireland

Join online for free. There are no membership restrictions for using the custodial scheme.

Deposit administration

2. Enter tenancy details

 Provide details of the tenancy, tenants, landlords, and deposit.

Deposit protection blue

3. Pay deposit to TDS Northern Ireland

This can be done by bank transfer, cheque, or debit card.

Prescribed Information

4. Serve Prescribed Information 

Ensure the tenant receives written details of the protection, including our official scheme leaflet 'What is TDS Northern Ireland?'

Deposit protection blue

5. Getting the deposit back

One party makes a request for repayment online telling us how the deposit is to be divided. If the other party agrees we repay the deposit. 


Can't agree on the repayment request?

The other party tells us how they think the deposit should be divided and is able to start a deposit dispute. An impartial adjudicator will examine the case and your evidence to decide how the deposit is to be awarded. 

This service is free of charge and a faster, easier alternative to going to court. Tug o war

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